Professional Office and Outcall Massage Therapy

Outcall Massage

Outcall Massage is most popular in the evening hours after a long day of endless meetings, crazy flights and hectic non-stop schedules. But they are great anytime, really, if you aren't familiar with roadways or we are having inclement weather....which is more common than not in Kansas City! You stay right where you are and I come to you. When the Outcall massage service is completed, you'll be happy that you don't have to get dressed and drive half way across town! In addition to the massage services listed below, you are also welcome to choose a massage from the In-call Massage page as well.

All full-body services are complimented with Eve Taylor essential oils. My clients love this addition as it truly promotes a sense of calmness and peace. I will help you choose one or two to your liking and customize the blend to fit you specific needs. However, kindly advise if you have any allergies or just prefer a scent free session.

Outcall massages are available only to mature professionals staying at the better hotel properties within the Kansas City area. For my safety, please note I will confirm your full name with the hotel front desk prior to our appointment. The world is practically spinning off it's axis, so, of course, I must be sure that I take a few extra precautions with new clients. With that being said, I must say that I love doing Outcall massage and have never had a negative experience, but definitely want to keep it that way!

Jet Lag Massage

Designed for travelers who fly or drive for hours, walk for miles, stand for extended periods of time (think trade show cement floors), and carrying heavy awkward luggage. If you feel jet-lagged, exhausted and stressed, this is the perfect massage for you. This full-body massage is designed to allow you to experience a relaxing, restorative, full-body massage in the privacy of your hotel room.

Unravel Massage

Attention massage junkies! This is for YOU! Unwind and decompress the knots of the soul in this luscious 2 hour massage. Touch into a meditative state as your sense of time dissolves. Perfect for those who feel stuck in their head, the UNRAVEL is a way to experience mental and spiritual bliss. Discover mind-body connection, joy and release. Just. Let. Go.

Zzzzz Massage

Exhausted? Sleep deprived? Relax and be soothed into the perfect night's sleep with this Plaza Perfection exclusive full-body treatment designed to aid disruptive sleep patterns and alleviate restless nights. This 90 minute experience is the most frequently requested service by my clients and for good reason! A well choreographed dance of deeper pressure is infused with light flowing strokes, giving you the sense of floating into a zen-like state. The cherry on top for this service is a beautiful blend of essential oils which I customize to your liking and specific needs. My clients report that their sleep that night is one of the best they've had in weeks!