Professional Office and Outcall Massage Therapy

In-Call Massage

Welcome to my In-call massage studio! I am located on the west end of the Country Club Plaza next to the Sheraton. Parking is connected to the building, alleviating the hassle of street parking and walking blocks in less than perfect weather. This is a quiet and peaceful space, nicely appointed and equipped with a professional hydraulic table.

Digital Decompression Massage

Did you know when you look down at your cellphone, with chin to chest, you can put about 60 lbs of force on your neck? OUCH! This 45 minute massage is an intense combination of Swedish, deep tissue, and stretching. The focus is upper body only...back, shoulders, neck, head, scalp, face, and arms. This restorative treatment aims to ease the stress & strain resulting from constant use of digital devices. This calms the pain brought on by muscle spasms, aches, lack of mobility, headaches and muscle tightness.

Grumpy Massage

Soothing and relaxing for both body and mind. This massage works to address anxiety, stress, insomnia, irritability, by using specific massage strokes, pressure points, stretches, and aromatherapy. Soothe aches and pains by increasing blood circulation and lymph flow, decrease fluid retention in muscles, tissues and joints, and eliminate toxins to calm the nervous system, allowing the practice of stillness and comfort in one's bodies.

Jet Lag Massage

Designed for travelers who fly or drive for hours, walk for miles, stand for extended periods of time (think trade show cement floors), and carrying heavy awkward luggage. If you feel jet-lagged, exhausted and stressed, this is the perfect massage for you. This full-body massage is designed to allow you to experience a relaxing, restorative, full-body massage in the privacy of your hotel room.

Swedish Massage - Light to Medium Pressure

Steeped in European tradition, this technique is the most common of all full-body massage therapies. Long fluid strokes calm the body, settle the mind, and restores lost energy. It is gentle, soothing, and encourages relaxation. Designed to melt away stress and ease muscle fatigue.

Deep Swedish Massage - Firm Pressure

If you enjoy true soothing long strokes and rhythmical kneading of Swedish massage but prefer firmer pressure, then this is for you! You can still unwind with a relaxing massage but benefit tremendously with a deeper focus on release of muscle tension.